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Oxbow Lodge Buys out another Competitor!


In our never ending quest for improving our services we were able to buy out an adjoining competitor allowing the expansion of our bear hunting area. 

We were very fortunate to have been presented the opportunity to purchase one of the hunting outfitters that had currently bordered some of our bear hunting area. The acquisition of this business will effectively allow us to expand our hunting area and have the ability to further enhance the hunting experience for our clients with more hunting locations and at the same time taking some pressure off of the territory we have historically hunted for our Maine baited bear hunts as well as our moose, deer and upland hunting.

This buyout will accomplish a few different goals. One will allow us to spread our hunters out with even better chance for success. Secondly, will allow us to manage our area to its fullest potential and third, keep our area in one continuous area without competition from other outfitters.

This new area is expected to produce very well for it was hunted very little in the past 3 years. We expect that this will effectively increase overall success on both quantity as well as quality on our already successful bear hunt.

I look forward to spending some time in this new area allowing us to expand on other hunting opportunities as well. During the spring and summer I will be actively covering every part of this hunting area and anticipate that along with new bear sites we will have plenty of new places to hunt during our Maine deer hunting, moose hunting and ruffed grouse hunting seasons.

Just another step in the never ending goal to continue to be the most successful and the most respected hunting outfitter in Maine.

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