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Bear and Moose seasons well behind us with great results, deer season is on the horizon

Our bear season finished up this year at the end of the first week of September.  For the four weeks of our season this year we hung over 50 bears on the pole and in general had a tremendous season overall.  Number of bear sightings was high and our hunters did a good job of making good shots on game resulting in some very short recovery jobs.  We had several large bears harvested again this year with the largest one tipping the scale over the 450lb mark.  Once again the hard work and dedication of our staff, support team and hunters providing a very rewarding season this year.

Moose season this year turned out to be very productive in both the first and second season (week).  Favorable weather helped our guides efforts in assisting our hunters to locating and huntingg some real trophies this year.  Although the timing for hunting was a little different this year with the first season opening earlier and a two week break between seasons, we were able to find many bulls receptive to calling.  We harvested some very large animals with several over 50+ inches and weighing in over 1,000 lbs.

We will be updating our photo libraries soon to include some of the best animals harvested this year, so continue to check back for updates.

Deer season is set to open on Monday November 3rd.  With the harsh winter last year some of our deer patterns have changed, but our pre-season scouting has located some real trophy animals.  The long range weather forecast is looking positive as is the timing for the rut this year.  It should shape up to be a very good year for our clients.  We will post some information on our deer season as it comes to a close at the end of November.

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