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Maine Bear Hunting FAQ

Q. When is the bear season? Our four week baited bear hunting season generally falls during the month of September. For details on our seasons please visit our Inland fisheries and wildlife web site

Q. How do I get my license and how much does it cost- Licenses are best purchased on line before you arrive at For the bear hunt you will need a big game hunting license and a bear permit. If you are hunting with archery equipment ONLY you can purchase an archery license and bear permit.

Q. What are your hunting methods- All of our bear hunts are conducted with the use of bait. We only hunt in the afternoons for this is the most productive times for the black bear.

Q. What activities are available during down time or if successful - During the bear hunt the only other animal in season is the coyote. Many utilize the mornings to call coyotes. We also offer preserve hunts for pheasant, chukka and Hungarian partridge over our pointing dogs at an extra cost. We have canoes and kayaks available if you wish to float the river and wet a line.

Q. When do I arrive/leave- All of our hunting packages are 6 full days of hunting (Monday through Saturday). You will arrive on Sunday and leave the following Sunday. Check in time is after 12 noon on Sunday and Check out is before 9 am on the following Sunday.

Q. What is the total cost of the hunt- You can view our rates page to see all costs.

Q. What form of payment do you accept- We will accept personal checks for deposit only (unless payment in full is received prior to your hunt). All major credit cards are accepted for both deposit and full payment as well as travelers checks, certified checks, bank checks, money orders and cash.

Q. If I fly in where are the nearest airports? We are located 130 miles north of the Bangor international airport and 40 miles from Presque Isle airport. If you fly in you will have to rent a vehicle from Bangor or Presque Isle or there are car services available from Presque Isle.

Q. Size of hunting area or how many bait sites- We are very fortunate to have a tremendous bear hunting area and do not have to hunt the same area twice in a season. We will typically have twice as many bait sites as hunters.

Q. How many people will be in the lodge- Typically there can be up to 20 people per week at the lodge

Q. Meat care / transportation- We will skin, quarter, bone, wrap and freeze the meat to prepare for transportation.

Q. Do you have access to the internet- We have high speed internet available at no extra cost throughout the lodge

Q. How many hunters per guide- On our bear hunts usually have around 5 hunters per guide. Our deer hunt will have no more than 4 hunters per guide. All moose hunts are 1 on 1 and there will be no more than 3 gunners per guide on our upland hunts.

Q. What are the best weeks to hunt- We are fortunate to have a large enough area that we do not have to use the same stands more than once in a season. As a rule of thumb we generally see more bears in the earlier in the season but the average size increases as the season progresses.

Q. What is the success rate- Success rates are very high and are determined on the skill of our hunters. All of our bait sites are active and visited by many bears. However we have no control over what hunters do on stand, their ability sit still, quiet and observant. We also cannot control there shooting capabilities. With all that said, we consistently rank much higher than the state average and typically send over 50% of our hunters home with a bear. Most that do not fill a tag have one or more close encounters with a bruin.

Q. What are the cancellation policies- All deposits are non refundable. Deposits are transferable to someone filling your spot but are not transferable to someone else who is already booked in.

Q. Do you sell or allow alcohol at the lodge- We do not sell alcohol at the lodge. You are welcome to bring your own for consumption after the hunt. Anyone found drinking before or during the hunt will not hunt for the remainder of that day. Drunkenness will NOT be tolerated.

Q. What is the customary tip for the guides and cooks.- Nothing is expected but everything is appreciated. Once you spend a week with us and see the effort our staff puts in it is usually customary to tip. Although some can afford more than others a 10% gratuity to be split up by your guide and kitchen/housekeeping staff would be average.

Q. Is the guide with me at all times while hunting- During the bear hunt the guide will drop you off, bait your site and then leave. He will occasionally check on you in hope you were successful. You will be picked up shortly after legal shooting time is over

Q. Are there any hidden costs- There are no hidden costs

Q. Are taxidermy services available? We do have a taxidermist that picks up every week. If you utilize his services we will fill out the appropriate paperwork and you can leave the hide here.

Q. Where will I be hunting- All of our bear hunts are done on privately owned property that we have permission to hunt. We will be the only outfitters on this land. We are located in Maine's northernmost county, Aroostook.

Q. What is the weather like- Depending on the week you hunt average temps may be in the 40's at night and upper 60's during the day. However we can and do get unseasonably warm and cold weather so you should be prepared for both.

Q. How far to town The closest town is Ashland Maine (20 miles) and the closest city is Presque Isle (40 miles)

Q. Can I fish? Some fishing is available at that time but you may have to travel to do so.

Q. How many years has the lodge been in business? We have owned and operated the lodge for the past 13 years. The lodge was constructed as a hunting lodge in 1903 and has been one ever since.

Q. What type of weapon should I use? During the bear hunt you have the ability to utilize your weapon of choice. Some will use a bow and then switch to a gun later in the week if unsuccessful. We recommend a .30 caliber or larger if using a firearm.

Q. Do you supply vehicles or will I be driving my own? We will drive most hunters to their hunting location. Some prefer to take their own vehicle and may be an option. You can discuss this with your guide

Q. What kind of stands will I be hunting out of- All of out tree stands are metal ladder stands with a shooting rail for the firearms hunters, and plenty of room for the bow hunters.

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